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Our needs are as varied and unique as each of us.

TRAC is a personalised coaching tool designed to help you assess your needs, set your course, and run your race. By first assessing your needs, we then find the right “fit” in terms of resources and coaching.

Based on research1 and decades of use with passionate Christ-followers, leaders, pastors, executives and students alike, TRAC helps you find breakthrough by looking at four crucial need areas:


Life Direction & Purpose: Discovering the shaping work that God is doing in you


Personal Renewal & Growth: Devoting yourself to God’s deepening work in you.


Identity & Self-leadership: Daring to live according to God’s Kingdom design.


Trust & Obedience: Deciding to fully surrender to God’s ongoing work.

1Research reveals that Christ-followers who finished well exhibit a series of characteristics: (1) They are intentional in their personal development, (2) They experience repeated times of personal renewal, and (3) they are committed to gaining the help of a coach-mentor. (Source: Dr. J. Robert Clinton, The Making of a Leader / Dr. Terry B. Walling, Stuck!)

One size does not fit all. Personalise your personal development for true breakthrough.

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