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Do you have a calling to coach? Or do you want to equip yourself to better come alongside others?

We offer coaching training and coaching resources designed to help those you coach breakthrough and move forward.

We want to equip you with the skills and resources to impact and empower.

Coach the person, not the problem.

What makes our coaching method different? It’s the integration of coaching with personal development. We teach you to coach with “development eyes” and to recognise how God is at work in others.

Breakthrough comes as a result of good coaching skills, an understanding of how God shapes disciples and leaders, and by following the lead of the Holy Spirit.

Learn to coach with us through a three-stage professional course and graduate with an International Coaching Federation Certification.

You don't gain clarity alone

Terry Walling

Leader Breakthru

Level One: Coaching Skills

It’s in our nature to resist what we’re told. But when we discover truth for ourselves, we own it and something powerful happens. Coaching is about unlocking this power of discovery to help others find their way forward. Our Level One Training gives you the skills you need to help others discover and break through.

Coaching Skills Training will take your coaching and ministry skills to a whole new level. This course offers training in four core skills using The IDEA Coaching Pathway, with direct application in a variety of life and ministry contexts.

  • Move past trying to solve people’s problems, to helping others discover the answers God was already at work providing.
  • See people take more ownership and responsibility for their steps forward and move away from being dependent on the coach.
  • Become more effective in one-on-one conversations, whether they were coaching appointments or not.
  • See more people set free to take action and live out plans and goals they owned.
  • Gain mastery of a simple, coaching pathway that can be easily replicated.

Level Two: Coaching the Person

Coaching skills are often not enough for breakthrough. God is at work using the coaching moment, not just to address problems an individual faces—but also to shape the person. Our Level Two Training helps you learn how to better join God in His work as you coach the person, instead of just the problem.

Coaching the person is what makes coaching training from The Breakthrough People different from the typical coaching training found elsewhere. This course builds on the four core skills of The IDEA Coaching Pathway received in Level One and provides new insights into how to “coach the person,” instead of just the problem. It will:

  • Create “development eyes” as you are better able to recognise how God is at work.
  • Help you identify moments of transition and how God is using the in-between to take a Christ-follower to the next chapter of their discipleship.
  • Help you better assess where an individual is in relation to their ongoing development and pinpoint the coaching help they need.
  • Introduce you to new tools and resources related to coaching the person, instead of just the problem.

Level Three: Coaching Certification

Coaching has become an essential skill and paradigm for life and ministry today. If you are called to develop leaders and have a passion to see breakthrough occur in the lives of passionate Christ-followers, then this Coach Certificate Training is for you.

The Breakthrough People coaching model integrates coaching skills and leadership development, and moves beyond typical coaching training. This Coach Certificate program is geared towards helping you coach the person, instead of just the problem, and prepares you to move towards the International Coaching Federation accreditation.

  • Six 90-minute online training sessions
  • Sixteen hours of coaching (4 clients for 4 hours each)
  • Final Feedback Interview and certificate
  • Introduce you to new tools and resources related to coaching the person, instead of just the problem