The Breakthrough People

The Breakthrough People was founded with the vision of helping everyday leaders finish well. We believe that everyone is a leader in their own right – be it at the workplace, in the family or in the community. We also believe that every leader needs a little help along the way – you don’t get to clarity alone.

We partner with Leader Breakthru, our resource developer and provider, to offer innovative and accessible coaching and lifelong development resources for individuals, churches, and coaches, designed to help you break through and move – from where you are, to where you need to be.

About The Founder

Hi, I am Joel, the Founder of The Breakthrough People.

Since 2003, I have been on a personal journey of helping the everyday leader gain clarity about who they are so that they can finish well.

My passion for people and leadership development became apparent after I attended a Focused Living Leadership Course in 2003. I was inspired by Dr. Robert Clinton (Professor Emeritus of Leadership from 1981 - 2016 at the Fuller Theological Seminary), who cited that only one out of three leaders finishes well. Those who do make the concerted effort to prioritise personal development. I was challenged to confront this statistic and influence change.

It is my personal belief that personal renewal precedes corporate renewal, and that clarity about one’s own journey will give rise to a church with greater influence in all spheres of society.

In 2012, I became the Asia Representative for Leader Breakthru (the ministry behind the Focused Living Leadership Course) and focused on the development of Kingdom leaders who yearn to make their Kingdom contribution and are committed to finishing well.

During the same season, I joined YWAM Singapore in 2013 and became the Base Director from 2016-2020. In July 2020, I stepped out of YWAM Singapore to focus on my passion to see leaders finish well. This was the beginning of The Breakthrough People (a partnering ministry of Leader Breakthru).

God has always been at work in my life and it was clear that He had His plans for me, even in my early days in the marketplace. My 12-year career in the broadcasting industry coupled with a globetrotting role in a Norwegian-British company and a Singapore start-up allowed me to hone my skills in the areas of regional business sales, marketing and technical support.

The disparate worlds I encountered in ministry and the marketplace opened my eyes to different social classes and cultures, but I was most struck by how the struggles of every leader – be it a global executive in London, a pastor in Taiwan or a missionary in Cambodia – remained universal. At some point in their lives, they all question if they are on the right track, but not all get the help they need to gain greater clarity.

Having coached and trained leaders in the different spheres for the past 15 years, I am further compelled to improve the statistic and help more of you, the everyday leaders, stay on course, finish well, and come before your Father who will say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


About Leader Breakthru — Our Partner and Resource Provider

In 1988, Dr. Terry Walling, the founder and President of Leader Breakthru, began the journey to see more risk-taking, Kingdom leaders live lives that count for Christ, and finish well. More leaders means more Kingdom impact. Leader Breakthru, a coaching and resource ministry, was launched in 2008 in response to this need to help Kingdom leaders finish well. Over the years, Terry has curated innovative Leadership Development resources to help leaders at different stages of their lives stay on track to finish well.

Now, years later, Leader Breakthru continues to impact the growth and development of individuals, coaches and churches all over the world.

Terry is the author of six books and multiple Leadership Development processes. He is a certified coach with ICF and regularly consults with organizations, missions and local churches about developing systems that coach and empower their leaders. In conjuction with directing Leader Breakthru, Terry serves as the Director of Mentoring and Coaching for the Fuller Seminary D.Min. Program.

Find out more about Leader Breakthru here.