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Your needs are different in each season of your life. Our resources and training modules are designed to help you wherever you are at in your life and leadership to stay on course to finish well.

You need both (1) Situational Clarity - clarity about where you are at; and (2) Sovereign Perspective - God’s perspective of your future.

  1. Situational Clarity - TRAC is a personal coaching tool designed to help you assess your current situational needs. With the report, you can then work with a coach to help you process your discoveries. TRAC can be used in any season and at point in life.

  2. Sovereign Perspective - Our Core Resources are designed to help you gain clarity about God’s sovereign perspective of each season (whether it’s your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s…) of your life. They help process both your Being (character formation) and your Doing (ministry formation) and connect your past to your present and future.

Focused Living is designed to help those in their 20s-30s clarify their calling.

Apex is designed to help those in their late 30s-50s clarify their contribution and

Resonance is designed to help those in their 60s and above clarify their legacy.

In order to get the most out of these tools, coaching is needed. Breakthrough happens when you have someone come alongside you to help you gain clarity!

Where do I start?

  1. You need situational clarity about where you are at before you can discover where you are going. If you feel stuck and don’t know why, take the TRAC assessment or get a coach to gain clarity.

  2. If you want to clarify your Calling, your Contribution or your Legacy, our Core Resources will help you gain a bigger picture perspective of God’s leading in your life.

What are the available resources and training modules?


Coach & Be Coached!

We all need a series of paradigm shifts to stay on track to finishing well. We need someone to come alongside us to help us see what we alone cannot see.

Get a coach to help you gain greater clarity through processing TRAC and/or our Core Resources, and/or get trained in coaching the development of a person so that you can help others.

TRAC (Situational Clarity)

On our life’s journey, we sometimes feel stuck. We deal with questions of Who am I, really? Where am I heading? How do I replenish myself? How do I make the right choice?

TRAC assessment helps you gain situational clarity by giving you a snapshot fo where you are presently. It identifies the area of your greatest need so that you can process it and get the help you need.

Core Resources (Sovereign Perspective)

God is at work in both your Being and Doing. Each person is in a different season of life and each season has its unique challenges. In order for you to move forward into the next season well, you need to recognize and embrace what God is developing in your life in your present season. In addition, connecting your past to your present and your future helps you gain the big picture perspective that you need to stay on track.

Our Core Resources of Focused Living, Apex and Resonance are tailored to the different seasons of the everyday leader’s life and will help you gain the sovereign perspective you need for your ongoing journey.

Leader Breakthru Online Resources

Here, you will find a curated collection of online courses and resources designed to help you develop yourself as you lead and develop others.